December College Recruiting Newsletter 2022

Happy Holidays & welcome to the Kings Hammer Murfreesboro December College Recruiting Newsletter! The club is excited to work with you to accomplish all of your player’s goals for this upcoming soccer year, on and off of the soccer field. Each month, we will be providing this resource to not only help you navigate the craziness that is the college recruiting process, but also provide personal development materials and resources to assist in growing individually while living a more purpose and value driven lifestyle. We hope you find value in this newsletter and we are excited to assist in this exciting process for your family!

College Recruiting Topics

Over the last twelve months the KHSC College Recruiting Newsletter has covered a variety of topics. Hopefully some, or all of them, have assisted you in your recruiting process. The college recruiting process can be tricky, and while there are certainties in the process, it is important to remember that everyone’s process is 100% unique. Understanding how to best set yourself up for success in this process is crucial to finding the best college fit for you. Here are the topics covered, either in the newsletter or at the November College Recruiting Seminar:

  • Creating a list of schools
  • Creating a highlight video
  • Contacting college coaches
  • Identifying ID camps
  • Recruiting rules and regulations
  • Key questions to ask coaches
  • How to setup college visits
  • Narrowing your list
  • Financial aid opportunities
  • Selecting a school

*I have linked the topics to Sports Recruits articles or videos where applicable. In addition the links below will take you to the general HELP and Webinar sites.

All these things will be important in your process, and hopefully this newsletter, the seminar, or the Sports Recruits site, have served as a guide for you and you are now confident in the decision you have made.

As it relates to SportsRecruits and your profile, it is important to do frequent checks and updates to your profile. If you have not already done so, take this school break as an opportunity to update the following if needed:

  • Highlight video
  • GPA
  • Club contacts and references
  • Physical profile (height and weight)
  • Preferred position

Massive amounts of growth can take place in 12 months as a player, and it’s important your profile reflects this. When 2022 hits, make sure you are ready to keep the momentum in your favor by making your profile the best possible representation of you as a player and person!

Personal Development

Just as we’ve reflected on the year’s recruiting content in the previous section, the end of a calendar year can be a fantastic time to reflect on your personal development as well. We’ve covered some fantastic topics that have we hope helped you grow as an individual throughout the year. Next to each of the topics below is a reflection question for you to ask yourself as you think about your year of growth:

  • Goal SettingHow frequent did you update your goals and what roadblocks did you face along the way of accomplishing them?
  • Identifying Core ValuesHow have your core values changed in the past 12 months and what contributed to this?
  • What is my why?- Is your “why” still relevant to you today, and how has it helped motivate you?
  • Self-evaluationWhen faced with adversity this year, did you place blame on yourself or others first?
  • Developing Communication SkillsWhat are 3 ways that effective communicators interact with others?
  • Mental ToughnessWhat strategies have you developed to help you overcome tough moments in your life?
  • Standards/HabitsWhere have you fallen short in your ability to have self-discipline and how can you effect change in your life moving forward?
  • LeadershipWhere have you improved as a leader and where is growth still required?
  • Time-ManagementWhat activities are still weighing you down and preventing you from maximizing your daily impact?
  • PatienceWhat is a moment this year where you struggled to have patience and how did you approach this?
  • Managing StressWhat is an area in your life that still causes you stress and how can you reshape your perspective to help?

If you’ve been intentional about following these newsletters, there is no doubt that you’ve grown as a person. If not, there is good news. Each day is an opportunity to improve and it is never too late! Be incredibly proud of where you are as a person, and be equally as ready to improve yourself in the new year and  beyond.

College Commitments

  • CJ DeBra – Youngstown State University
  • Riley Arnold – Ohio Dominican
  • Ellie Greenwell – Ohio University
  • Zara Graff – Wright State University
  • Abby Unkraut – University of Georgia
  • Mia Fiore – Xavier University
  • Victoria Zappasodi – Cleveland State
  • Ella Smith – Miami University
  • Jordan Church – Arkansas State University
  • Amanda Schlueter – Ohio State University
  • Sophie Decker – Marian University
  • Ruby Dunlevy – Eastern Kentucky University
  • Margo Roberts – Ohio Dominican University
  • Olivia Parmer – Marian University
  • Emma Morrison – Kentucky Christian University
  • Shannon Ott – Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
  • Rose Vigran – George Washington University
  • Jill Planeaux – Ohio Dominican University
  • Katie Hoog – Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
  • Laney Smith – University of Cincinnati
  • Millie Cluxton – College of Charleston
  • Mia Jackson – Purdue University Fort Wayne
  • Chloe Morrison – Milligan University
  • Kalyn Rich – Baldwin Wallace University
  • Ella James – Baldwin Wallace University
  • Donna Bundy – Northern Kentucky University
  • Timothy Griffin – Northern Kentucky University

Remember to post your commitment to your Sports Recruits account and send commitment photos to info@kingshammer.com so that you can be recognized for your achievements.