Premier PA Handbook

Welcome to Kings Hammer Murfreesboro! Thank you for volunteering to be the Parent Administrator (PA) for your team. General updates, and information regarding practices, games, and tournaments would not make it to your team efficiently without you.

2023/2024 PA Handbook

This packet will help guide you through the year and perform your duties more effectively. Kings Hammer teams participate in TSSA (Tennessee State Soccer Association). Below are lists of contacts that you might find helpful throughout the year:

Directors of Coaching (DoC)

Office Staff

List of Duties

    1. Manage Team PlayMetrics Page, use this link to learn more. Introduction To PlayMetrics
      1. Add game schedule including location and uniform combination, add final game scores
    2. Submit all team and player paperwork for tournaments, ie. waivers, player cards, roster, coaches concussion, permission to travel, etc. Please visit each tournament website with instructions on paperwork submission. If your tournament uses GotSport please use this link for instructions on uploading.
    3. Arrange any hotel travel for teams. Tournaments  may require the use of the specific hotels so refer to the tournament website before booking rooms.
    4. Manage Got Soccer account, update game/tournament results. Obtain log in from Director of Coaching. Got Soccer help desk: https://gotsoccer.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/204574548-Teams-Parents
    5. Assist coach to schedule and reschedule games during the season.
    6. Pay your portion of referee fees for away games and submit into Ramp for reimbursement.
    7. Manage player cards and rosters.
    8. Update game scores on league website based on league requirements.
    9. Organize one philanthropic event each year (organize food drive i.e. Freestore Food Bank, sporting equipment drive i.e. Cleats for Kids, or work with local organizations with local needs).
    10. Facilitate Guest players as needed by coach, work with other team managers to secure guest players for the coach.
    11. Assist with Transfer Out/Quit Forms – see in season paperwork.
    12. Send team content (photos, videos, quotes) in to the marketing team.

Note: All league and tournament fees are handled at the club level. Please send any missing payment information to directors.

Start of Season

KH directors will update the rosters in PlayMetrics and add you as an administrator. If you have not already done so, you will need to send everyone a welcome email and ensure they understand your role with the team.

After all players have accepted their offers, the club will print and laminate all player cards. Player cards need to be at every game as proof of age for each player. For legal reasons players cannot play in games if they do not have a player card.

As a PA you will be required to pass a background check and complete the required training from your state association, due to the handling of personal player information. An email will be sent to you from Player’s Health Protect to complete your training.

Get Familiar with your League

Below is a list of leagues your team may participate in. Please use the links below to get familiar with your league rules for game scheduling, rescheduling, submission of game scores, and guest player rules. If you are unsure of your league please reach out to your coach or director.

Organizing your Electronic Files

You should keep the following electronic files:

  1. Cards and roster – emailed to you by the club
  2. Coach Concussion Training – contact your coach
  3. Medical release forms – found in PlayMetrics

In addition, keep any email communications with other team coaches regarding game reschedules, so you can refer to them in case there is a question about a game time, field location, referee assignment, etc.


All players must order uniforms through our provider, Soccer Village. Accessories (backpacks, sweatshirts, spiritwear etc.) are also available to order online through the website. Information was sent to parents via email through PlayMetrics. Please forward the below information as needed. Numbers are assigned by coach/manager and sent directly to Soccer Village.

Please contact lori@kingshammer.com with questions regarding uniforms

Kings Hammer Murfreesboro Group Code: KHM22

Field Information

Please visit the links below for information regarding all game scheduling policies.

Richard Siegel Soccer Complex – 515 Cherry Ln Dr , Murfreesboro, TN 37129

Referee Fees

Please note, all home games have been paid for by the club. You will only need to pay ref fees (half) for friendly away games.

All managers will need access to Arbiter Sports to request referees for all home games.

  • To be added to this system contact Marge Williams margesoccer@gmail.com
  • State league games are scheduled by TSSA and you will receive an email to confirm your game details
  • If a game is cancelled for any reason (outside of a weather cancellation), the coach or administrator must notify TSSA of any game changes. Game changes made less than 72 hours prior to a match could encounter referee fees.  Please review your league rules on cancellations and reschedules, as well.

Home (friendly, TSL, JDL)

  • Our portion of all referee fees for friendlies, TSL and JDL are paid by the club.
  • Assignor fee is paid by the club.
  • Friendlies, opponent pays their portion of referee fees directly to the referee.


  • TSL/JDL: fees are paid by the club.
  • Friendlies, manager pay your portion of fee and submit to Ramp for reimbursement.

Juniors Development League

*Please note all home games have been paid for by the club. You will only need to pay ref fees for away games.

  • Assignor JDL Games – $14 ($7 each team)
  • Game Price Per Team Including Assignor Fee
  • 7v7 -single referee – $30 ($15 each team) / Including Assignor Fee $22.00 each team
  • 9v9 -single referee – $36 ($18 each team) / Including Assignor Fee $25.00 each team
  • 9v9 -three referees – $36/$25/$25 ($43 each team) / Including Assignor Fee $50.00 each team

Tennessee State League

D1 Ref Fees to be paid by each team per game:

  • 19u-17u $103.00 per team/per game
  • 16u-15u $95.50 per team/per game
  • 14u-13u $88.00 per team/per game
  • 12u $80.50 per team/per game

D2 Ref Fees to be paid by each team per game:

  • 19u-17u $88.00 per team/per game
  • 16u-15u $80.50 per team/per game
  • 14u-13u $73.00 per team/per game
  • 12u $65.50 per team/per game

D3 Ref Fees to be paid by each team per game:

  • 19u-17u $88.00 per team/per game
  • 16u-15u $80.50 per team/per game
  • 14u-13u $73.00 per team/per game
  • 12u $65.50 per team/per game

In Season Paperwork

Out of State Travel Permit/ Travel Roster Instructions/ Guest Player Form

Transfer/Release of players

Player Injury claim form

    • All insurance claims for youth injuries occurring on or after 8/1/21 should be submitted via this link. For injuries occurring prior to 8/1/21, please contact hpate@tnsoccer.org for filing instructions.

TSL Informational Document

TSL Scheduling Guide

TSL Pre/During/Post Match Guide

JDL Informational Document

JDL Match Report

New Player Process

  1. Player registers for tryouts in PlayMetrics PRIOR to attending a training session.
  2. Player’s must be accepted or denied before attending more sessions, unless communicated to the club that more time to evaluate is needed.
  3. Once coach makes a decision, email Matt, Alan, Claire with a request to send an invitation; invitations may not be immediate. Make sure to tell family to be on the lookout for an email.
  4. Once invitation is sent, player must accept/pay invite to be put into PlayMetrics.
  5. Once player has joined PlayMetrics, make sure office knows, so that we can get player added to affinity and print a player card.

All player card requests need to be submitted to club no later than 12 noon on Wednesday. Requests sent after Wednesday are a case by case and will most likely not be printed until the next week.

Guest Players

During the season your team may require a guest player for tournament play. Please obtain names of players from your coach and use the PA/Coach spreadsheet below to reach out to the PA/Coach for approval to use any players from their team. Once you have approval from the coach you will need to fill out the travel roster and print approval page. If possible save this page to upload for tournament registration. The players are in charge of getting their player cards from their coach to bring with them to your game.

Guest Player Form

PA List coming soon

Team Content

We need your help to collect team content including pictures, quotes, and/or videos from games, events/tournaments, training, and big moments. What we are looking for from PA’s to send to the marketing team:

  1. Pictures – List who is in the picture, team name/age group, location and what is happening. Pictures from a camera are always best but it is fine to take photos from a cell phone, just get as close to the action as possible.
  2. Video – If possible, send a video to highlight what is happening.

You can take the photos/videos yourself or collect photos/videos from parents on the team and submit.

How the process will work:

  1. Send photos/videos/quotes to claire@kingshammer.com within a few days so the content is relevant and include the team name when submitting.
  2. We will post the content and highlight the location/team in each social post or on the photo on the appropriate platform. Please keep in mind not all photo or video content can be used due to the size or quality of images.
  3. If you have an idea and need help producing the final content, we can help. Please reach out prior to with your ideas.

Our goal is to continue to develop all of our players and their respective teams with an improved player development model and pathway during the new Fall 2022 – Spring 23 season after the tryouts.

Your player’s coach both as a volunteer and paid licensed and certified coach is part of our team and will continue to be part of our soccer club and community. The new partnership is aware that our responsibility as a youth club is to provide more support and resources to each coach so that our players and parents experience is even better.

We plan to have most of our current coaching team to continue to lead their assigned teams for the upcoming season unless there is a conflict with their schedule and/or another opportunity they prefer to pursue in the club which we may consider and appoint a new coach as a result.

Uniforms are set to change for the Fall 2022 – Spring 2023 season and we plan to keep the new and upcoming kits for 2-year period as that is the cycle suggested by the manufacturers.

Our new uniform/player kit brand will be Nike.

Pricing will be very comparable to our current brand of uniforms/player kits as we plan to add more value to the assortment of products that our players currently receive.

No. We will be using Soccer Village as our vendor for our families to order their new season uniforms/player kits.

Soccer Village will provide sample sizes during tryouts for the new uniforms/player kits so that you can order the correct sizing for your player.

Click here to view the Soccer Village website.

Fees will be an all-inclusive model that will cover all expenses (except uniform and personal travel).

No separate club fees and team dues.

Families will have an improved payment plan option of 8 installments with an initial deposit.

Financial Aid and Scholarships will still be available to our families. More information will be added to the website once tryouts have concluded.

Teams will continue to train at the same locations. A big part of this partnership is to work with the city and other independent locations to improve and invest in facilities to create a better training and playing environment.

Kings Hammer is one of the most recognizable privately held clubs in the Midwest.

Founded in 1993 in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area.

2 US Youth National titles, 2 runners-up, 4 US Youth Region 2 Champs, 42 OH State Cups, 25 KY State Cups.

In 2020, they added a U23 team in the Ohio Valley Premier League, winning the league’s inaugural season in the Fall of 2020.

In 2021, they joined USL League Two, the pre-professional division of the USL in the US and adding a USL-W team for the 2022 season.

Kings Hammer is backed by Corporex, a privately held investment company with broad holdings throughout the United States. CPX creates investment opportunities for their capital partners through traditional real estate assets as well as an ever-broadening array of other opportunistic investments including Commonwealth Hotels, Kings Hammer Soccer LLC, Alpine Mountain Ranch & Club and Five Seasons Family Sports Clubs. Their ability to create exceptional value through these investments is rooted in their 56-year history as a BUILDER. Why Kings Hammer?

A Complete Pathway to support an all-inclusive player development

Grassroots-Premier-Academy-Professional Development

  • Pathway will start with grassroots and premier program for the 2022/23 season
  • All-inclusive pay structure with flexible and affordable payment plans that covers all costs. 

No additional team fees (uniform/player kits & personal travel are not included)

  • Additional showcases and ID platforms through KH events & network
  • Unique travel and network opportunities through KH and its partners
  • Increased scholarship support through club and local foundation
  • Affordable uniform costs with better assortment through Nike and SV partnership
  • Play Metrics operations & comm. Platform connects the entire club
  • Techne training app – Supporting self-improvement at home
  • Sports Recruits (College recruitment platform and support)
  • College recruitment seminar
  • Player/Parent Education through KH Education Division
  • Kings Hammer Speaker Series – Platform created to present relevant youth soccer information. National and International guest speakers
  • Use of camera & technology for further development opportunities
  • Kings Hammer Goalkeeper Union for specialized training

Our goal is to make Kings Hammer Murfreesboro SC one of the most successful regional youth soccer clubs that focuses on player development with the proper core values. We plan to recruit and retain all coaches that will enable us to achieve our player development pathway for our players in the long run.

Kings Hammer Murfreesboro will continue to offer all levels of appropriate aged training for all level players. Click here to see our new and improved player development pathway.

Kings Hammer Murfreesboro will continue to offer programs all year round.

Full details of all programming will be released in May 2022.

Yes, the logo and the name will change to represent the new King Hammer Murfreesboro.

We will be combining local, regional, and possibly national sponsorships to generate the resources and scale up the opportunities for our Murfreesboro area players and teams. The benefit of our partnerships has impacted our families far beyond just sponsorships.


Technically, No. The Board of Director of MSC have agreed unanimously to sign a 6-year Partnership Agreement to outsource the management of the club to Kings Hammer to elevate the services we are currently and increase the opportunities to have a bigger economic impact to our community with this partnership.

Kings Hammer provides professional player development, great customer service, and offers an inclusive approach to youth soccer.  Kings Hammer Murfreesboro SC will elevate the scale of a community club with access to the highest-level opportunities for players to reach their fullest potential. Throughout the tiered system of development, players and coaches will be able to develop in the appropriate tiered programming, network and expertise provided by Kings Hammer Soccer Club.

Our Recreational Program, which will be branded as our Grassroots Program will continue to play their games at Richard Siegel Soccer Complex under the umbrella of Kings Hammer Murfreesboro SC with more support and resources for both players, parents and volunteer coaches of the program.

Our Academy and Select Program, which will be branded as our Premier Program will continue to train and play their games at Richard Siegel Soccer Complex as well as other locations they currently travel as part of their JDL and TSL games schedule versus other TSSA member organizations and youth soccer clubs.

Our future Premier Program teams will also continue to travel and attend tournaments within the state of TN and possibly other states based on their specific development need and skill level as a team.

No. However Kings Hammer Murfreesboro SC will have an improved structured player development model and a pathway that can support each individual player to play at different levels and assist players achieve their specific goals.

No. Kings Hammer have strong program representation in both States and their players play in their respective locations. The newly formed King Hammer Murfreesboro SC player will continue to play their JDL and TSL games in our area against other TSSA member organizations as scheduled by our state.

Premier Program teams may eventually travel to tournaments in Kentucky and Ohio as a result our partnership with Kings Hammer and vice versa.

As the club grows, we may potentially combine top players from each location to create regional development teams to compete at higher caliber events, showcases to create additional opportunities our players. 

That is our overarching goal and plan. However, it will take some time until we can have teams that can compete in higher level platforms. As Kings Hammer Murfreesboro, we’ve already started working towards a strategic development plan to prepare our club to be part of these leagues and compete at the highest level possible in a short amount of time.