Don’t Drop the Ball on Summer Development Opportunities

Summertime means the days are longer, the weather is warmer, and the skies are typically brighter.  But for many youth athletes it can also mean a loss of structure to our days; no school, no practices, no formal games, and a loss of some of the development gains made throughout the past season.  However, with some simple planning and the right focus, athletes and their families can make great use of the summer weeks to maintain, or even improve themselves and be prepared for the next season.

Here are three key areas young athletes can work on this summer:



The summer off season can be the perfect opportunity to spend time focusing on your own individual development by working on specific aspects of your play.  I would encourage each player to reflect on two technical aspects of their play that are strengths and two areas that they wish they were stronger at.  Kings Hammer players may be able to utilize prior Player Report Cards to assist in identifying these areas.  Once identified, lay out a plan to work on these areas 30-45 minutes 3-4 days per week.  Having a structured approach to this can be very helpful.  There are several options that can assist with this.

  • TECHNE-this mobile app, available FREE to all Kings Hammer players, has great training resources for nearly every technical aspect of soccer.
  • YouTube-search the desired area you want to work on and many options will be available for you to follow-along with or to build your own training plan from.
  • Private Coach-there are a number of resources available in this area. You can work on your own or with a small group (get some teammates or friends involved.) Several Kings Hammer coaches are available over the summer to conduct sessions as well.
  • Camps-we are fortunate in this area that there are numerous soccer camp options available. Be sure to check out the coach-to-camper ratio, the history of the camp and staff, as well as the general theme or objective of the camp prior to signing up in order to ensure it will meet your specific needs.  Remember that Kings Hammer hosts camps throughout our program areas that may be perfect for your continued growth.


During the soccer season most players focus solely on the physical requirements of only soccer.  The off season provides an opportunity to use other muscles and improve overall movement, agility, balance, and coordination.  All of the things which will increase athleticism and improve overall performance.  Here are some things to consider while working on this area.

  • New Sports-pickleball, tennis, basketball, karate, and other sports which do not mimic soccer can improve body movement, strengthen weaker muscle groups, and increase motivation.
  • Recreational Activities-hiking, biking, kayaking, climbing, participating in a local 5-K are all great ways to get the entire family involved in physical activity and athletic gains.
  • Backyard Fun-especially for younger players being outside and active; playing tag, getting on the jungle gym, chasing the family dog, or creating their own games or competitions, can be great for both physical development and creativity.
  • Formal Performance Training-for older athletes (U14+) professionally instructed strength and performance programming can be beneficial in off season development. However, be sure the instructors understand the objectives for your son or daughter and be mindful of potential overuse issues.

Keep in mind that summer, like any off season, should also be a time for each player to REST as well.  Down time is beneficial to both physical and mental well-being and is essential to staving off both injury and performance fatigue. Engaging in each of the items listed above is not the goal.  Finding a balance in the summer offseason schedule is key.


Being away from school does not mean you should stop working your brain and your mental growth. Being away from your team and training does not mean you cannot continue to improve your ability to read the game and improve your decision-making abilities. Summer provides many opportunities to invest in learning more about the way the game is played, the styles of teams and individual players, or even the history of the sport and some of its key figures.  Here are some suggestions for raising your soccer awareness.

  • Get out to a match-whether it is FCC, Kings Hammer FC (men and women,) or even a local adult league, there is still live soccer happening this summer. Spend an afternoon or evening checking out the action.  See how players deal with the ball, how they respond to mistakes, and listen to how they communicate with teammates (parental discretion advised here.)
  • Find a game on TV-MLS and NWSL are in the heart of their seasons over the summer. Many games can be found on TV or on YouTube.  In addition, there is the Women’s World Cup, Men’s Gold Cup, and other international matches taking place this summer.  Schedule time to watch a game.  Bring a notebook and pencil and analyze.  Pick a player and track their movement, their decisions, their touches, etc.  Then compare these things to your play and identify things you can continue to work on.
  • READ A SOCCER BOOK-yes, I know…it is summer, school is out…BUT, summer is a GREAT time to READ, and there are lots of great soccer options for you to enjoy. Books on how to perform better technically, how to improve decisions, books on the history of the game, on your favorite team, or even all-time great players! Here are just a few of my favorites (with a variety of reading levels:)
  • Solo Soccer-A Self Teaching Soccer Guide, Greg Bowman (5-12)
  • The Most Amazing Soccer Stories of All Time-For Kids, Michael Langdon (6+)
  • Stars of Women’s Soccer: Third Edition, Illugi Jokulsson (9+)
  • The Beautiful Game – The Most Amazing Soccer Stories Of All Time (12+)
  • Soccer IQ, Dan Blank (13+)
  • The World is a Ball, John Doyle (15+)

Additional Resources

Our goal is to continue to develop all of our players and their respective teams with an improved player development model and pathway during the new Fall 2022 – Spring 23 season after the tryouts.

Your player’s coach both as a volunteer and paid licensed and certified coach is part of our team and will continue to be part of our soccer club and community. The new partnership is aware that our responsibility as a youth club is to provide more support and resources to each coach so that our players and parents experience is even better.

We plan to have most of our current coaching team to continue to lead their assigned teams for the upcoming season unless there is a conflict with their schedule and/or another opportunity they prefer to pursue in the club which we may consider and appoint a new coach as a result.

Uniforms are set to change for the Fall 2022 – Spring 2023 season and we plan to keep the new and upcoming kits for 2-year period as that is the cycle suggested by the manufacturers.

Our new uniform/player kit brand will be Nike.

Pricing will be very comparable to our current brand of uniforms/player kits as we plan to add more value to the assortment of products that our players currently receive.

No. We will be using Soccer Village as our vendor for our families to order their new season uniforms/player kits.

Soccer Village will provide sample sizes during tryouts for the new uniforms/player kits so that you can order the correct sizing for your player.

Click here to view the Soccer Village website.

Fees will be an all-inclusive model that will cover all expenses (except uniform and personal travel).

No separate club fees and team dues.

Families will have an improved payment plan option of 8 installments with an initial deposit.

Financial Aid and Scholarships will still be available to our families. More information will be added to the website once tryouts have concluded.

Teams will continue to train at the same locations. A big part of this partnership is to work with the city and other independent locations to improve and invest in facilities to create a better training and playing environment.

Kings Hammer is one of the most recognizable privately held clubs in the Midwest.

Founded in 1993 in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area.

2 US Youth National titles, 2 runners-up, 4 US Youth Region 2 Champs, 42 OH State Cups, 25 KY State Cups.

In 2020, they added a U23 team in the Ohio Valley Premier League, winning the league’s inaugural season in the Fall of 2020.

In 2021, they joined USL League Two, the pre-professional division of the USL in the US and adding a USL-W team for the 2022 season.

Kings Hammer is backed by Corporex, a privately held investment company with broad holdings throughout the United States. CPX creates investment opportunities for their capital partners through traditional real estate assets as well as an ever-broadening array of other opportunistic investments including Commonwealth Hotels, Kings Hammer Soccer LLC, Alpine Mountain Ranch & Club and Five Seasons Family Sports Clubs. Their ability to create exceptional value through these investments is rooted in their 56-year history as a BUILDER. Why Kings Hammer?

A Complete Pathway to support an all-inclusive player development

Grassroots-Premier-Academy-Professional Development

  • Pathway will start with grassroots and premier program for the 2022/23 season
  • All-inclusive pay structure with flexible and affordable payment plans that covers all costs. 

No additional team fees (uniform/player kits & personal travel are not included)

  • Additional showcases and ID platforms through KH events & network
  • Unique travel and network opportunities through KH and its partners
  • Increased scholarship support through club and local foundation
  • Affordable uniform costs with better assortment through Nike and SV partnership
  • Play Metrics operations & comm. Platform connects the entire club
  • Techne training app – Supporting self-improvement at home
  • Sports Recruits (College recruitment platform and support)
  • College recruitment seminar
  • Player/Parent Education through KH Education Division
  • Kings Hammer Speaker Series – Platform created to present relevant youth soccer information. National and International guest speakers
  • Use of camera & technology for further development opportunities
  • Kings Hammer Goalkeeper Union for specialized training

Our goal is to make Kings Hammer Murfreesboro SC one of the most successful regional youth soccer clubs that focuses on player development with the proper core values. We plan to recruit and retain all coaches that will enable us to achieve our player development pathway for our players in the long run.

Kings Hammer Murfreesboro will continue to offer all levels of appropriate aged training for all level players. Click here to see our new and improved player development pathway.

Kings Hammer Murfreesboro will continue to offer programs all year round.

Full details of all programming will be released in May 2022.

Yes, the logo and the name will change to represent the new King Hammer Murfreesboro.

We will be combining local, regional, and possibly national sponsorships to generate the resources and scale up the opportunities for our Murfreesboro area players and teams. The benefit of our partnerships has impacted our families far beyond just sponsorships.


Technically, No. The Board of Director of MSC have agreed unanimously to sign a 6-year Partnership Agreement to outsource the management of the club to Kings Hammer to elevate the services we are currently and increase the opportunities to have a bigger economic impact to our community with this partnership.

Kings Hammer provides professional player development, great customer service, and offers an inclusive approach to youth soccer.  Kings Hammer Murfreesboro SC will elevate the scale of a community club with access to the highest-level opportunities for players to reach their fullest potential. Throughout the tiered system of development, players and coaches will be able to develop in the appropriate tiered programming, network and expertise provided by Kings Hammer Soccer Club.

Our Recreational Program, which will be branded as our Grassroots Program will continue to play their games at Richard Siegel Soccer Complex under the umbrella of Kings Hammer Murfreesboro SC with more support and resources for both players, parents and volunteer coaches of the program.

Our Academy and Select Program, which will be branded as our Premier Program will continue to train and play their games at Richard Siegel Soccer Complex as well as other locations they currently travel as part of their JDL and TSL games schedule versus other TSSA member organizations and youth soccer clubs.

Our future Premier Program teams will also continue to travel and attend tournaments within the state of TN and possibly other states based on their specific development need and skill level as a team.

No. However Kings Hammer Murfreesboro SC will have an improved structured player development model and a pathway that can support each individual player to play at different levels and assist players achieve their specific goals.

No. Kings Hammer have strong program representation in both States and their players play in their respective locations. The newly formed King Hammer Murfreesboro SC player will continue to play their JDL and TSL games in our area against other TSSA member organizations as scheduled by our state.

Premier Program teams may eventually travel to tournaments in Kentucky and Ohio as a result our partnership with Kings Hammer and vice versa.

As the club grows, we may potentially combine top players from each location to create regional development teams to compete at higher caliber events, showcases to create additional opportunities our players. 

That is our overarching goal and plan. However, it will take some time until we can have teams that can compete in higher level platforms. As Kings Hammer Murfreesboro, we’ve already started working towards a strategic development plan to prepare our club to be part of these leagues and compete at the highest level possible in a short amount of time.