Congrats USYS Advancing Teams

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Congratulations to the following teams that have advanced to Regionals!

National Championship Series (Regionals in Westfield, IN 06/24-6/29)

G14U – KHC Classic G08 Zepf

B14U – KHA South B08 Blue

B15U KHA South B07 Red

G15U KHA North G07 Red

B17U – KHA Bluegrass B05

G18U – KHA North G03 Red

Presidents Cup (Regionals in St. Louis, MO 06/16-06/20)

G13U – KHA Bluegrass G09

B16U – KHA South B06 Blue

B18U/19U – KHA South B04 Blue


Congratulations to the following teams and those teams that advanced!

Kentucky President’s Cup Champions 


G13U – KHA Bluegrass G09 

B16U- KHA South B06 Blue 

B18/19U – KHA South B04 Blue 


G17U – KHC G05 Premier 1 

B17U – KHA South B05 Grey 

B18/19U – KHA South B04/03 Grey 

Kentucky Soccer Village Cup Semi-Finals: 

G11U Div1– KHA South G11 Red 

G11U Div2- KHB G11 Premier 1 & KHA South G11 Grey 

B11U Div1- KHA South B11 Red 

B11U Div 2- KHA South B11 Blue & KHA South B11 Grey 

B12U Div 1 – KHA South B10 Red 

B12U Div 2- KHA South B10 Grey & KHC Classic B10 Dozier & KHS B10 Premier 1 

Kentucky State Cup Semi-Finals 

G14U – KHA Bluegrass G08 & KHC Classic G08 Zepf 

B14U – KHA South B08 Blue & KHA Bluegrass B08 

B15U – KHA South B07 Red 

B17U – KHA South B05 Red & KHA Bluegrass B05 

B18U – KHA South B04 Red  

Ohio State Cup Semi-Finals 

G18U – KHA North G04 Red 

G19U – KHA North G03 Red 

B16U- KHA South B06 Red